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Have lots of followers? Are you popular at Facebook? Instagram? or other social platform? Have other skills? do you think you can generate sales like ninja? Make Money from it!

How it's works in simple few steps:

1. you choose your unique discount code, we set it up for you.

2. You share the good stuff from Boho Baby on your social network and give people your code. we give you 10% from every sale made with your code as store credit OR money to your Paypal account.

* the code is a discount for 10% off.

Ok i read  it and I'm ready to make money, what next?

in the form below, tell us little bit about you. send us your social links and tell us your plan and what you are going to do.
mention the code you want...

that's it, seat back and wait till one of our affiliate team member will approve your application.